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new shizzle for rizzle

simply put

- new recordings up on myspace and purevolume
Here and Here

---new songs and a new direction with our music are slowly emerging

-possible out of town dates in sept(we'll keep ya posted)

----lastly enjoy the last few weeks of summer and keep checking back for updates and such

Hugs and kisses
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August 22 2004, 09:59:03 UTC 12 years ago

you guys will never get anywhere unless you change your attitude and personalities a little bit. for one, youre not responsible with anything. youre not loyal or grateful to those that do the most for you. you only care about yourselves, and 1 or 2 other people that happen to be your best friend at the time.
a little bit always got someone that much further. youre right maybe we do need to change a little bit, but who doesnt? No one is perfect but when youre given the chance repeatedly and in turn only do the opposite, what other option do you have? im sure not everything in your life if up for discussion; so why should ours be? Being young isnt about knowing everything, its about taking what you learned from experiences and using them the rest of your life as examples.

Don't make me PIMP SLAP you, NIGGA! these are great boys...very nice kids...tryin to get make sacrifices when someone isn't makin the isn't their fault.