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update maybe? 
05:55pm 20/10/2004
  its definitely been some time since this thing has been updated. there's not really much to say besides upcoming shows. so to all who are 18+

Friday Oct. 22nd @ Top Cats's

Barnies Coffee and Tea Fest
w/ seven am & moot

Doors open at 8

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12:51pm 30/08/2004
mood: good
updates galore.

well guys and dolls,

there is so much to be discussed in this one. first to be noted, a line-up change. after discussing personal differences with our guitarist edward thill, we decided that parting ways with him would be the best option. we want to see this dream of ours become a reality. and soon enough we will be on our way, with the help of our good friend mitch watson. he will be filling in on bass for us as jerry moves over to guitars. brian and i remain the same (oh how uneventful for us, eh?). we hope that our decision has not upset you, and you may feel free to ask us about it if you feel so inclined.

second to be noted, you may have noticed those two new tracks (kind of) on the music player out front. they were recorded by mitch wyatt [november '03 - august '04] and though the songs may have been around awhile, we are still quite proud of how they turned out. those two songs, and possibly a couple others will be available shortly on a ..sampler, if you will. nothing over 5 bucks, i promise. we are not about making money. we are about sharing music and sparking interest. so we will let you know about those shortly. but then again, by the time those are out we could quite possibly have entirely new material. which, as you may see, has led us to be playing a smaller amount of shows. we will be sitting in our cabins by candlelight writing and researching. but believe me, it wont be long before we make our mark again.

and on that note (the third), when we "make our mark" .. oh dear. we sound like an army. so disregard that. we are a community. we are one with you, the inquirer, the fan, the listener. and we are nowhere without you. we may not be filed under the same folder any longer. a name change has been talked about for some time now, and we are approaching the expiration of this one, i suppose. feel free to give your suggestions, as long as you dont charge us for them. we are low on funds. he he he.

i am probably forgetting many important things. so i apologize for that. however, i am sorry that this is so long. i hope that you get something out of it. we love you all and cant wait to bring this family together again soon. we think about your smiling faces all the time. it keeps us going.

thank you for the support

we will see you soon.


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new shizzle for rizzle 
02:54pm 12/08/2004
mood: cheerful
simply put

- new recordings up on myspace and purevolume
Here and Here

---new songs and a new direction with our music are slowly emerging

-possible out of town dates in sept(we'll keep ya posted)

----lastly enjoy the last few weeks of summer and keep checking back for updates and such

Hugs and kisses

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new songs 
10:27pm 11/08/2004
  rough versions of "funerals are pretty" and "the ten of swords" are up on Seven Am's myspace account for your listening pleasure. if you dont have direct access to that, then hit up www.sevenam.net and it'll take you right to it.  

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02:13am 05/08/2004
mood: crazy
yo yo check some from tennessee..


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alll you peeps in TN 
02:48am 29/07/2004
This saturday will be quite the blast

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10:25pm 24/07/2004
mood: artistic

if you want to link us


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02:55pm 23/07/2004
mood: anxious
glad to see people have been coming out to shows...check out our newly created myspace account at http://www.myspace.com/sevenam.

There are a few songs on there taken from a video of our acoustic set a few weeks ago in no way are they professional but they sound decent for what they are...a few show dates to keep in mind..

Aug. 6th (eddies birthday) Eastside Christian Church W/ My hotel year, river city high and many more

Aug 7th dayton Kentucky Teen center rock against bush with too many bands to list (http://votingrocks.cjb.net/)

as for anything else our actual website is getting created as we speak... the new url is sevenam.net make sure you change your links if you have any.. other than that have fun its summer


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i'm freakin lazy. 
08:52pm 10/07/2004
  no just busy.
these are from seven am's acoustic show at the pool, a few weeks ago maybe. oh well. enjoy. oh yes come to their show at eastgate swim club tomorrow. 7pm bitches.
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03:03pm 06/07/2004

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its a little belated, but... 
08:32pm 13/06/2004
  much love goes out to everyone that showed up on monday. thank you so much! seven am went on at like 745 when most people were told they were playing at 815. lame. i was so mad, ask jill. but there were plenty of people there.

that was their first show with the new addition of jake levin. everything went smoothly and they sounded awesome. yay for them. ha.

i have no pictures because i was selling merch during their set.

then on the 8th, they played in Pennsylvania and apparently that went really well. i'm so proud of them! yes so thats the update. i'm not sure on upcoming shows. check the site. i'm lazy.

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11:28am 04/06/2004

just go.

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Battle Of The Bands 
10:29am 27/05/2004
  I was wondering if anyone had directions to battle of the bands on saturday at the river of life church?  

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12:07pm 02/05/2004
  here's some pictures from seven am's show last friday (april 23rd). they played well and the new song sounds great.
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upcoming shows:
Friday May 7th at a pool hall in williamsburg with theredlightpledge and some others. when i get more info on what its called and the price, i'll update.

Saturday May 8th at the american legion hall in amelia with davey jones locker and mint 6 ten. this show is aparently still going down, however there were problems about the bands being notified that they were playing. whoever put it together already sucks.

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Come out for a show! 
08:49pm 20/04/2004
  Friday april 23rd (thats this friday folks)
Glen Este High School west cafe (hit up seven am or myself for directions)
starts at 8pm.
seven.am, theredlightpledge, elbowdrop, paradox

This is someone's product for their senior project that she has been working on all year long. it's a hell of a lot of work and it'd be really great for bunches of people to show up.

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09:51pm 04/04/2004
  so i guess maybe an update would be nice, since there hasnt been one in awhile...

not too much going on. seven am hasn't been playing a lot of shows lately, their still working on their recording.

their site now has a new layout and looks nice. evan sharfe has been working with that (i think, if not that one inparticular, then another one for 7am).

there are some new desktop designs up there for your viewing pleasure. and i remembered that i still have some pictures from the dayton teen center show back in feb. i'll post them one of these days when i'm not lazy.

as of now, next show is April 23, Glen Este High School, 7pm $5

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12:42am 28/02/2004
  You guys were uber good tonight!  

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10:56am 27/02/2004
mood: blank
take 275 south towards ky. then take the 471S exit to the second bellevue exit. at the end of the ramp take a right and follow it down about 2.5 miles to McKinney Ave on the left. go to the end of the street. the teen Center is on the left.

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10:35pm 26/02/2004
  directions to friday's show:
take the big mac bridge and get off on KY-8 towards newport bellevue. turn right at the light at the end of the ramp (Dave Cowens Dr) road turns into fairfield ave. which then turns into 6th street. About 2-3 miles down, turn left onto
McKinney Ave. and go to the end of the street. the Teen Center is on the left at the dead end.

to book seven.am for a show, send an e-mail to:

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05:18pm 24/02/2004

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