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updates galore.

well guys and dolls,

there is so much to be discussed in this one. first to be noted, a line-up change. after discussing personal differences with our guitarist edward thill, we decided that parting ways with him would be the best option. we want to see this dream of ours become a reality. and soon enough we will be on our way, with the help of our good friend mitch watson. he will be filling in on bass for us as jerry moves over to guitars. brian and i remain the same (oh how uneventful for us, eh?). we hope that our decision has not upset you, and you may feel free to ask us about it if you feel so inclined.

second to be noted, you may have noticed those two new tracks (kind of) on the music player out front. they were recorded by mitch wyatt [november '03 - august '04] and though the songs may have been around awhile, we are still quite proud of how they turned out. those two songs, and possibly a couple others will be available shortly on a ..sampler, if you will. nothing over 5 bucks, i promise. we are not about making money. we are about sharing music and sparking interest. so we will let you know about those shortly. but then again, by the time those are out we could quite possibly have entirely new material. which, as you may see, has led us to be playing a smaller amount of shows. we will be sitting in our cabins by candlelight writing and researching. but believe me, it wont be long before we make our mark again.

and on that note (the third), when we "make our mark" .. oh dear. we sound like an army. so disregard that. we are a community. we are one with you, the inquirer, the fan, the listener. and we are nowhere without you. we may not be filed under the same folder any longer. a name change has been talked about for some time now, and we are approaching the expiration of this one, i suppose. feel free to give your suggestions, as long as you dont charge us for them. we are low on funds. he he he.

i am probably forgetting many important things. so i apologize for that. however, i am sorry that this is so long. i hope that you get something out of it. we love you all and cant wait to bring this family together again soon. we think about your smiling faces all the time. it keeps us going.

thank you for the support

we will see you soon.

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